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Story of the Great Dale House Car
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Ideal For The Those On The Go - Great Dale House Car - Sentinel & Enterprise News Article

Sentinal & Enterprise - August 15 2002 by Gerry Martel
Sentinel & Enterprise - Aug. 15, 02 by Gerry Martel
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Sentinel & Enterprise News Article

Ideal For The Those On The Go

Winnebago, Holiday Rambler and Airstream are names synonymous with motor homes. Those special vehicles are ideal for Americans on the move who like to sleep in their own beds every night --even when they're on the open road.

For the more affluent nomads, there are "land yachts" (actually, full-sized buses) configured to accommodate amenities including a walnut-paneled living room, large kitchen and sleeping room for six to ten adults.

John Madden, former NFL great, coach and now network sports announcer, has an overwhelming fear of flying. Therefore, his preferred mode of transportation is a luxury bus, outfitted with every conceivable electronic device befitting his profession. Country and western stars like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton and the like also travel in these giant, Greyhound bus-sized vehicles. Why not? Money is no object for these people, and, perhaps more importantly to them, they have all the conveniences of home coupled with a traveling billboard, as their names are emblazoned on these buses in over sized letters, announcing that a superstar has arrived in town.

In physics, it holds true that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the world of motorized transportation, this holds true, too. The usual motor home is built on a truck-type chassis, so why not turn a car into a home on wheels?

This brings us to the subject of today's Auto Showcase. Yes, this unique vehicle was born a 1965 Buick Wildcat. From this, an innovative company in Denver evolved the Dale House Car. The name almost tells it all.

The information I'm giving you is all supposition, as the company is no longer in business and appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth. However, I've just had the opportunity to be a part of the Great Dale House Car life for a day, so here goes my interpretation.

Obviously, Dale started out with a Buick Wildcat chassis with a V-8 motor, automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering and other typical Buick motoring amenities. This guaranteed that this vehicle would be a strong driver, ideal for cross-country travel.

The Buick cosmetics, including the Buick nose, complete with grill and bumper, were another plus. While other motor homes have the appearance of trucks or buses, with a few small windows fitted on the sides, the House Car has the look of a passenger car on steroids. To make the front end even more outlandish, an oversized V-style windshield with a rectangular picture window mounted overhead was installed.

The chassis has been stretched another 10 feet and the "house" mounted behind the the passenger compartment, so the driver can control the mechanics and then, with a turn of the head, can check out what's going on in the house. Included are a sink, stove, refrigerator, kitchen table, multiple cabinets and a pull-out bed, as well as a stereo, TV and VCR -- all the usual trappings of a mobile home.

Yes, dear readers, there's nothing quite like a Great Dale House Car. The side entrance on the passenger's side is a regular house door. The body is covered with white, horizontal, metal siding. The height of the body is ample enough that even a basketball player could stand up inside. This motorized home on wheels has the look of a pregnant elephant ready to deliver.

The ride characteristics: Well, this ain't no Rolls Royce, but in all honesty, the ride is surprisingly good. Heavy-duty springs and a balanced motor-to-body weight ratio give the feeling that this is a fun home on wheels. To those who appreciate style slightly over substance, this is a winner.

The Great Dale House Car may not have all the modern conveniences of today's motor homes, but for sheer pleasure (including the pleasure of not being one of the mob), the Great Dale House Car makes a statement that you're an individualist. So what if it's more than 35 years old? It still does the job it was intended to accomplish.

For the record, this is the first Great Dale House Car I've ever seen. I wonder how many were ever built?

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