Zodi Battery Powered Hand Washer / Solar Shower #1066 and Accessories
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HouseCar.com The Zodi self contained portable hand washer and solar shower includes our durable 4 gallon watertight gear bag that doubles as a solar water heater. Ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, showers and more. The convenient battery powered pump provides great water pressure. After use, the pump, battery case and hose stores inside the case for easy storage. Battery Powered Hand Washer Solar Shower
HouseCar.com Description - Battery Powered Hand Washer / Solar Shower System
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Self-contained battery operated solar shower hand washer. Storage bag warms water by placing in sun. Carry strap for easy transport. 6 volt battery operated pump with debris screen. Battery case with on off switch requires 4 D cell batteries. 4 gallon watertight gear bag shrinks for transport expands for use. 8 foot shower hose with water conserving shower head.

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Battery Powered Shower #1066

The Zodi self contained portable hand washer and solar shower. Ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, showers and more. The convenient battery powered pump provides great water pressure. Enjoy a portable shower anytime, anywhere. Supply your own Container / Bucket / Cooking Pot / Kettle / Black Plastic Bag / or anything else to hold and heat the water for a do it yourself shower on the go. Let the Sun or Camp Fire Heat the water.

This item is available on ebay

Description - Battery Powered Shower

Self-contained battery operated shower 
Supply your own water bag / bucket, warm water by placing in sun
6 volt battery operated pump with debris screen
Battery case with on off switch requires 4 D cell batteries  
8 foot shower hose with water conserving shower head

- Popular Battery Powered Shower Accessories -

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Collapsible Camp Sink #2031

This portable sink compresses for storage, and expands to hold 5 gallons of water. Includes shoulder strap for easy carrying, side pockets hold dish soap, hand towell. Enjoy a portable camp sink right where you need it. For ultimate convenience order two, one for hot soapy water for cleaning and a second for rinse water.

Description - Collapsible Portable Camp Sink

Padded design compresses for storage
Watertight design expands to hold 5 gallons of water
Side pocket holds soap or hand towel
Easy carrying shoulder strap
Convenient size 11 x 7 x 11, big enough to soak full size pans

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Shower Pole with Tripod Stand #1068

Enjoy hands free showering with the Zodi adjustable shower pole. The tripod base provides great stability on all ground conditions. The pole collapses for washing hands or dishes. Includes a handy nylon storage bag. Designed to also work with the Zodi Privacy Shower Shelter.

Description -  Shower Pole with Tripod Stand and nylon storage bag

Adjustable height shower pole
Tripod base provides great stability
Stores in small nylon bag included
Works will all Zodi Shower and Zodi Privacy Shower Shelters
Fits inside all Zodi hard cases and padded gear bags

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Zodi i-hut Shower Enclosure #1077
The Zodi i-hut shower shelter is HUGE! - Almost 4 feet wide per side! Most enclosures are tepee shaped and get smaller near the shoulders, not the Zodi i-hut. In fact the Zodi i-hut is almost 6 ft across. The door is overlapped and springs shut automatically without zippers that gum up with mud. The privacy enclosure works great for showering, bathrooms and changing clothes in private. Oversized detachable floors keeps you clear of mud and dirt. Industrial quality with professional rated components. The Zodi i-hut is the best portable shower enclosure available.  

Description - Zodi i-hut Shower Enclosure with optional detachable floor

Self supporting enclosure, sets up anywhere
Very large size, almost 4 feet wide per side
Coated nylon sides for extra waterproof durability
Corner straps secure enclosure on sand with rocks, water jugs or pegs
Includes over sized detachable floor to keep clear of mud and dirt
Oversized storage bag for easy storage
Four oversized mesh pockets for soap, shampoo, and other needs

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