Zodi Shower System Accessories Twin Burner Bulk Propane Kit #1090
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HouseCar.com The Twin Burner Bulk Propane Kit will give you up to 60 hours of use with either the Hot Tap or the Hot Vent
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The Bulk Propane Kit will deliver up to 500 showers between propane refills per standard 5 gallon tank. Tank not included. Attaches to all double burner Hot Tap or Hot Vent for up to 60 hrs of use. Attaches to all standard 5 gallon propane tanks

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Twin Burner Bulk Propane Kit #1090

The Twin Burner Bulk Propane Kit will give you up to 60 hours of use with the Hot Tap HP! It has a high quality mil-spec approved propane Y hose for double burner connections along with a powder coated bracket that attaches to the propane tank collar for convenience. The Bulk Propane Kit will deliver up to 500 showers between propane refills per standard 5 gallon tank. Tank not included.

This item is available on ebay

Description - Twin Burner Bulk Propane Tank Kit

Attaches to all double burner Hot Tap or Hot Vent for up to 60 hrs of use
High quality mil-spec approved Y propane hose
Powder coated steel bracket attaches to propane tank collar
Thumb wheel for hand tightening - no tools required
Attaches to all standard 5 gallon propane tanks
Delivers up to 50 hours continuous use between tank refills

- Works With -

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Hot Tap HP #6125
Packed with performance, this self contained High Performance double burner portable hot shower system heats unlimited water on demand. Includes matchless push button ignition for extra convenience and our 4 gallon multi purpose case for ultimate portability. Our best on-demand instant / hot shower ever!


Description - Hot Tap HP with hard case, 6 volt pump, push button ignition
Self contained high performance system heats hot water instantly
Heats over 60 gallons of HOT water between battery and propane refills
Adjust water temp up to 100ºF with gas valves (recycle if needed)
Easy to use... submerge self contained pump in water & ignite burner
Extra long 8 ft flexible shower hose with water saving shower head
Matchless Push Button Ignition for extra convenience
Stunning full color label on rugged storage case
Compact size for easy transport (about the size of a hiking boot)
Double burner design for high-output performance
Powerful pump with debris screen provides great water pressure
4 gallon storage case holds enough water for up to a 10 minute shower
Fueled with convenient 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinders
Optional bulk propane tank kit attaches to 5 gallon BBQ tanks
Optional Garden Hose Kit permits unlimited use without pump batteries
Waterproof battery case with on off switch holds 4 D cell batteries
Stainless steel burner construction for extra durability

- Popular Accessories -

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Shower Pole with Tripod Stand #1068
Enjoy hands free showering with the Zodi adjustable shower pole. The tripod base provides great stability on all ground conditions. The pole collapses for washing hands or dishes. Includes a handy nylon storage bag. Designed to also work with the Zodi Privacy Shower Shelter.

Description -  Shower Pole with Tripod Stand and nylon storage bag

Adjustable height shower pole
Tripod base provides great stability
Stores in small nylon bag included
Works will all Zodi Shower and Zodi Privacy Shower Shelters
Fits inside all Zodi hard cases and padded gear bags

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Garden Hose Adapter #1095
Connect your Hot Tap to any garden hose for never ending hot water flow. A very popular Zodi accessory.

Description - Garden Hose Adapter

High quality brass connector will never fail, crack, or rust
Connects to Hot Tap Series Showers
Permits Hot Tap use without pump or batteries

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